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Tales From The Crypt returns with help from M. Night Shyamalan

Illustration for article titled iTales From The Crypt /ireturns with help fromi /iM. Night Shyamalan

Good afternoon, boils and ghouls! By now we all know that just because a TV series gets the axe (or the cleaver, or the hatchet), that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Killer BOB, The Cigarette-Smoking Man, The Deadites, Lady Gaga: They’re all getting a new afterlife on TV, and frankly your pal the Cryptkeeper was feeling a little left out. I’m a fun-dead guy! I know how to kick back and relax with an ice-cold br-ooooo! But when Tales From The Darkside got picked up for a new season on The CW, well, scabies and mental men, that was the last straw.


So I booked a ticket to Chill-adelphia and kidnapped M. Night Shyamalan—you know, the one who did the movie with BOOOce Chill-is and Scaley Troll AGGGHment?—and brought him back to my mansion to curate a re-BOOO-ted version of my classic TV show, Tales From The Crypt. M. Night has proven himself to be one of the most twisted minds in the business—hahahahaha!—and I’m sure he’ll do a pun-derful job making sure our characters get their gruesomely ironic comeuppance in scripts from classic EC comics and fresh blood alike. And since he’s such a charred working guy, M. Night will also be executive producing a two-hour horror programming block to follow our undead anthology scare-ies. As for the puns? That’s what I’m here for, of course! See you on BOOsic cable this fall, kiddies! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

[via Variety]

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