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Talented hamsters recreate The Great British Bake Off

Photo: Instagram

It’s one thing to have pets, but not many of us take our little furry friends and create an entire new hobby around them. Mashable reports that unlike the rest of us deadbeats, Beverly Borrill from Wiltshire, England, has created 20 scenarios for her six Syrian hamsters. Inspired by a school project for her daughter, Borrill has now spent 18 months creating tiny pool tables, ballet studios, swimming pools, and Doctor Who scenarios for the busiest and possibly luckiest hamsters in the world. It may be the teeny-tiny food that inspires the most admiration, as in this grocery-store scenario:


Borrill’s scenarios have finally received national recognition with her latest creation: the beloved tent kitchen of The Great British Bake Off. That endearing series has seen some unrest as of late, losing hosts and whatnot. Borrill’s recreation reminds us what made the show so popular to begin with: just a few cooks, trying their hardest to create the perfect concoction with their tiny hands.

Borrill has more adorable hamster pictures on her Instagram account.

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