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Taken director Pierre Morel is making a female-led action movie


Liam Neeson’s family can only get kidnapped so many times, so now original Taken director Pierre Morel is moving on to a new action project that will also hopefully result in one surprisingly popular movie and a handful of less-popular sequels. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new movie is called Peppermint, and it’s a “female-centric” movie about a young mother looking to get revenge on bad people who hurt her in some way, with the THR story saying that she plans to “take from her rivals the very life they stole from her.”

That doesn’t tell us a whole lot, since we don’t know what exactly she’s getting revenge for and why she has rivals, but the movie is also be pitched as a “female John Wick,” so maybe the young mother is part of an underground assassin organization or something. Of course, Atomic Blonde is also being pitched as a “female John Wick” (and it has Charlize Theron), but it’s not like anyone ever complained about there being too many similar action movies about men. If anything, Hollywood should make more movies that are like a “female John Wick.”


It doesn’t sound like Peppermint has any stars attached yet, but the studio backing it—Lakeshore Entertainment—apparently wants to fast-track the project, so names should start coming up pretty soon.

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