Remember that interactive Arcade Fire video last year that used Google Maps to create a nostalgic reminiscence about your childhood home and fill you with warm fuzzies? Well, take that, sub in Facebook for Google Maps, and replace “warm fuzzes” with 10 metric tons of creepiness, and you have Take This Lollipop, a new website that plays on our societal paranoia about online privacy—or rather, the lack thereof. The site dares you to allow it access to your Facebook profile, then rewards your chumpery with… well, it’s better if you just see for yourself. Based on my own experience and roughly four minutes of online research, it seems like Take This Lollipop’s claims that it will not store or share your information are legit… though after watching what comes after you click “allow,” that becomes slightly harder to believe. Whether you choose to take Take This Lollipop as an object lesson, a novel way to waste three minutes at work, or simply a fun way to creep yourself out in the lead-up to Halloween, it’s pretty effective.

(For those of you who don’t have a Facebook, or are just total pussies, you can watch this video of the Take This Lollipop experience, though most of its effect gets lost without the personal aspect.)