As predicted, the Internet’s recent Charlie Sheen The Human Meme bender has progressed to the hangover stage in record time, with short-sighted web denizens scrambling to delete all those #winning tweets and seeing if they can get a refund on that Tiger Blood shirt. As the Internet giveth notoriety, so the Internet taketh away, and thanks to the people behind Bieber Blocker, you can now take the Sheen out of your web-browsing experience with Tinted Sheen. The Firefox/Chrome plug-in will block all mention of The Warlock Who Shall Not Be Named as well as his face, so you go back to Googling words like “goddess” and shopping for tiger blood on eBay without fear of strengthening his lifeforce by acknowledging his existence. And while you’re at it, why not observe Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day this Friday and rid your Twitter feed of the confused, misspelled ramblings of the person Charlie Sheen pays to tweet as @CharlieSheen. It’ll be just like when we all ignored Sarah Palin for a month… and look how well that worked out!