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Take that, take that: Diddy and MTV are reviving Making The Band

Photo: Charles Eshelman (Getty Images)

Sean “Diddy” Combs and MTV are reuniting for a revival of the cult reality classic, Making The Band. Per Deadline, the global search for potential talent began today and the show is slated to premiere sometime in 2020. The announcement comes just as reboots, music competitions, and making the rich wealthier beyond all reason have all reached their respective peaks, so the timing couldn’t be more ideal. While the mogul has been hinting at the show’s return for the past few days, he released the official notice today across his social media.


“I know that I’m gonna build the biggest band in the world,” he states plainly, a promise that he’s made with previous go-rounds that led to the creations of Danity Kane, Day 26, and the ill-fated and shittily named Da Band. Hopefully the new, brave collection of souls will see more success then their predecessors (though Danity Kane at least got to release a handful of undeniable hits before falling apart).

While there may be some curiosity as to which new talent will rise to the top, the MTB brand has always been marked more by the series’ outlandish moments than the resulting music. Who can forget the on-foot trek from Manhattan to Brooklyn to fetch Diddy a slice of cheesecake? Or the beautifully odd R&B battle? If the revival is full of weird moments like the one below, it should be fine.

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