Unsurprisingly, Justin Timberlake’s decision to name his new single “Take Back The Night” isn’t exactly sitting well with the sexual assault awareness organization of the same name. The group’s lawyers have sent Timberlake a letter about both the name-aping and the content of the song, which TBTN Executive Director Katherine Koestner says is “definitely very sexual and not at all clearly anti-sexual violence.” As Koestner told Radar, phrases in the song like “Use me” don't really work “for anyone affiliated with the organization.” The group also notes that the popularity of the song has already usurped its prominence on sites like Wikipedia.

To Timberlake’s credit, his representatives have already responded to Take Back The Night, saying the singer (who never went to college) had never heard of the organization or its rallying cry before he wrote the song. Koestner said that she hopes this misunderstanding can be amicably resolved. Might we suggest a massive benefit concert and series of Timberlake-starring PSAs?