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Take an exclusive look inside the diabolical mind of Apostle director Gareth Evans

Photo: Netflix

In some ways, Apostle, which debuts on Netflix this Friday, shows a new side of its director, The Raid’s Gareth Evans. It’s Evans’ first full-length foray into horror movies (he previously directed a segment in the anthology film V/H/S 2), as well as his first explicit period piece (his samurai short Pre Vis Action ostensibly takes place in feudal Japan, although it’s never clearly stated). In other ways, it’s classic Evans—by which we mean a bone-crunchingly visceral exercise in intensity that’s not for the weak of stomach, particularly in what we referred to in our Fantastic Fest review as “its gore-soaked second half.”

We’ll have a full review of the film, which stars Dan Stevens as a mystery man who goes undercover to rescue his sister from a blood-obsessed pagan cult, tomorrow. In the meantime, we’re exclusively debuting Evans’ original sketches for two of the medieval torture devices featured in the film. They’re straight out of the Spanish Inquisition, and you can squirm at all the bloody possibilities below.


Apostle debuts on Netflix on October 12.

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

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