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Take an exclusive look at Saetia’s double LP retrospective, Collected

Collected cover art

Like many bands of its ilk, New York City’s Saetia was short-lived but wildly influential. As the ’90s screamo scene was finding its identity, Saetia was one of a handful of bands helping guide America’s underground toward a style of music that was aggressive and technical, yet always thoughtful. Even though the band’s discography has fallen out of print—the 2001 CD collection A Retrospective included—Saetia has remained a guidepost for upstart bands 16 years after its demise.

One band that’s taken Saetia’s influence and built something new is Touché Amoré. Its singer, Jeremy Bolm, is an avowed record nerd who runs Secret Voice records, an imprint of the mighty Deathwish Inc. After nearly two years of work, Secret Voice will release Collected on July 15. Featuring all of Saetia’s songs on two slabs of 180-gram vinyl, along with a 14-page booklet featuring photos, flyers, stories from band members, and much more, making Collected the definitive Saetia discography. Not only that, this release will bring Saetia’s songs to streaming services for the first time ever, making it so people don’t have to go to YouTube to get their fix.


In honor of Secret Voice launching pre-orders for the record, Bolm sent The A.V. Club a sneak peak of what Collected will look like when fans pick it up next month. That can be viewed below, and pre-orders for Collected are available right now.

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