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Take a video tour of DC Entertainment’s gloriously toy-filled headquarters


With AT&T set to take control of DC Comics and DC Entertainment thanks to its $85 billion buyout of Time Warner (which owns Warner Bros., which owns DC Comics), there’s no better time to go behind the scenes and see what some of that money is going toward with a tour of DC Entertainment’s crazy, toy-filled headquarters. Regular humans aren’t allowed to see such splendor, but Variety is apparently afforded privileges beyond those of normal humans, because it recently sent Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot into DC Entertainment’s offices for an installment of its “Hollywood HQ” video series.

Chobot checks out some of ridiculous toys being produced by DC Collectibles, including an enormous (and apparently very heavy) recreation of the Batwing from Batman: The Animated Series, a very badass Ra’s Al Ghul figure you can only see for a second or two, a replica of Morpheus’ helmet from Sandman (which DC isn’t sure how to sell), and a whole bunch of Wonder Woman merch set to come out alongside the upcoming movie. Chobot also heads into the DC Comics archives, which is full of outrageously expensive books and drawers of historically significant comics and paraphernalia.


You can see the video (and dream of all the awesome shit you’d steal if you could get in there) below:

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