Screenshot; YouTube

Those Bon Appetit video kids have had to slog through a lot of unsavory dishes, most recently with โ€œ100 Years Of Fine Dining,โ€ where they had to dive into non-kid friendly menu items like pheasant under glass. So they probably thought this latest lineup was the best ever, celebrating โ€œ100 Years Of Party Snacks.โ€

As usual, interesting factoids are sprinkled throughout, like the fact that Cheetos (a big hit with the kids) go all the way back to 1948, or that Utz potato chips were so popular in the โ€™60s that the company had to hire extra workers. The kids just get happier as the decades continue, moving from clams casino and fondue to foods they can actually identify, like Cool Ranch Doritos and Bagel Bites. Hopefully these fond memories of party food can last them through the next time they have to endure โ€œ100 Years Of Health Foodsโ€ or whatever.