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South Park fans surely remember Casa Bonita, the family-style Mexican restaurant featured in an episode of the same name. With attractions like cliff divers, puppet shows, and Black Bart’s Cave on hand, Cartman was willing to do just about anything for a chance to go, up to and including tricking Butters into believing that the world had ended and locking the poor kid in an abandoned refrigerator.


What fans may not know is that Casa Bonita is a real restaurant in Denver, and that the South Park episode recreated it pretty accurately. The intrepid foodies at Munchies recently took a video tour of the place and confirmed that it’s everything Trey Parker and Matt Stone made it out to be. If anything, the South Park creators left some stuff out. It’s not hard to imagine Cartman scurrying through the restaurant and yelling things like, for example, “Caricatures!” “A wishing well!” “Extremely low employee turnover! Awesome!”

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