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After the release of I See A Darkness, Will Oldham’s first album under the Bonnie “Prince” Billy moniker, Oldham set to work on an EP for Temporary Residence Ltd.’s “Travels In Constants” series. The result was More Revery, a six-song EP of mostly covers that Oldham recorded and elected to put out under the Bonny Billy moniker. More Revery was initially a CD-only release, but for its fifteenth anniversary Temporary Residence is re-releasing it, along with live versions of the EP’s tracks. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “A Dream Of The Sea,” a compilation of various videos made while Oldham was recording More Revery. It’s an inside look at the creation of an EP that had felt lost to time, given that it wasn’t even available digitally until now, and a peak behind the curtain at Oldham’s ever-changing creative process.


Pre-orders for More Revery are available now through Temporary Residence Ltd.

More Revery tracklist
1. “Someone’s Sleeping”
2. “Sweeter Than Anything”
3. “Same Love That Made Me Laugh”
4. “A Dream Of The Sea”
5. “Strange Things”
6. “Just To See You Smile”
7. “Someone’s Sleeping” (Live)
8. “Sweeter Than Anything” (Live)
9. “Same Love That Made Me Laugh” (Live)
10. “A Dream Of The Sea” (Live)
11. “Strange Things” (Live)
12. “Just To See You Smile” (Live)

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