Heath Ledger’s shocking death just over five years ago elevated his performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight to mythic status, where any detail about the role or Ledger’s preparation gets scrutinized. This clip comes from the Heath Ledger episode of German documentary series Too Young To Die, which also focused on John Belushi, Kurt Cobain, and Sharon Tate. Though overdubbed with French (the YouTube description has a broken translation), it shows Kim Ledger, Heath’s father, showing a few parts of his son’s production diary for The Dark Knight. In the pages that Kim flips through, there are a lot of Alex DeLarge pictures from A Clockwork Orange, but also some menacing animals, different portraits of clown makeup, and notes on the hospital scene where the Joker dresses up as a nurse. Ledger’s father notes that his sister used to dress Heath up in a nurse’s outfit, which has some comedic resonance. The last page shows a makeup test picture, after which Heath wrote “BYE BYE” in large letters.