There have been plenty of disastrous attempts to adapt British television shows for American audiences that fizzled quickly or never made it past the pilot, but British television has a long and storied tradition of adapting successful American sitcoms as well. Married For Life approximated Married…With Children, Brighton Belles came from Golden Girls, and way before the American version of Coupling, that show dealt with the brand of “British Friends”—but the strangest modern attempt to translate an American multicam for British audiences was Days Like These, a nearly word-for-word remake of That 70’s Show that aired in 1999. It was reviled by British audiences and cancelled after six episodes, which explains why it’s been effectively buried since it aired. But the entire pilot has made its way onto YouTube, and it’s pretty clear why it failed miserably. As a carbon copy of the Wisconsin-set That 70’s Show moved to Dunstable, a town 20 miles outside of London, it never tapped into the British youth movement of the '70s or the mainstream culture the weed and beer-obsessed teenagers would have actually been interested in. Take a look at the full pilot until somebody pulls it down, and marvel at the inconsequential character name changes (Kelso becomes McGuire, Hyde becomes Dylan Jones, Burkhart becomes Burget, the Pinciottis become the Palmers, and so on).