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Take a look at the neon-heavy first images from Duncan Jones’ Mute

(Photo: Netflix)

Netflix has released the first images from Duncan Jones’ Mute and they feature a lot of neon, a brooding Alexander Skarsgård, and Paul Rudd working his Anchorman mustache. In this futuristic tale, Skarsgård takes on the lead role of a bartender named Leo who can’t speak. After Leo’s girlfriend goes missing, he crosses paths with two “wise-cracking” surgeons played by Rudd and Theroux. Back in 2011, Jones talked about his affection for these characters in an interview with The A.V. Club. “It’s kind of like buddy villains as opposed to buddy cops, and they see themselves as being so high above everyone else around them intellectually, as surgeons working in Berlin doing cybernetic work and enhancements in the black market, helping out bodyguards, getting them all wired up so they can tear people’s heads off,” he said. He now has outfitted them with distinctly wacky looks, hence Rudd’s aforementioned facial hair and Theroux’s blonde locks.

Paul Rudd in Mute (Photo: Netflix)
Justin Theroux in Mute (Photo: Netflix)

As evidenced by these photos, the design of the movie seems to take a lot of cues from classics of sci-fi like Blade Runner. Netflix is planning to debut the film—which promises to in some way to connect to Jones’ Moon—online sometime in 2017 while also giving it a theatrical release.

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