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Take a lesson in persistence from this kid getting whaled on by a trash bin

Screenshot: America’s Funniest Home Videos (YouTube)

With the start of a new week, it’s important to take lessons in determination wherever they’re to be found. If that means watching a video of a little boy steadfastly working to bring in a trash bin while it repeatedly beats the snot out of him then, well, that’s the spirit of incredible, bull-headed defiance that we should look toward to help guide us through our own struggles.

The clip, which originally aired on America’s Funniest Home Videos back in 2016, has been around for a while, but it’s resurfaced again thanks to Digg reminding us of its existence. In it, a kid just basically attempts to roll a garbage bin roughly his own size down the sidewalk while the wind lifts the lid up to smack him in the head over and over again.


A true hero, the boy persists in his work even after requiring two solid garbage hits to the noggin to realize that he has to hold the lid closed while he walks. Determined to best the wind itself, he refuses to circle around to the other side and keep out of harm’s way, pressing onward regardless—spitting in the face of nature itself. Of course he soon gets whacked by the bin again, it flies onto its side in the wind, and the clip ends with him being bodied by the force of a strong gust. The last we see of the boy, though, is him recovering from an asphalt somersault only to return to his task.

This boy, probably a teenager with a thick, calloused forehead now, shows the power of facing up to an overwhelming task, gritting your teeth, and just getting on with it, no matter how impossible it may seem. Look at Lil’ Sisyphus at his toils and realize your own inner strength. Keep this energy burning within you and no work—not even the kind that common sense dictates should probably be left until a bit later—can stand in your way.

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