Tyrion’s Man Cave

The following contains major plot details from Game Of Thrones.

Just when you thought it was safe to stop using the word “Man Cave,” UK digital market company RocketMill has launched an interactive Game Of Thrones webpage dubbed “Tyrion Lannister’s Man Cave.” It’s a model of his room at King’s Landing complete with various items that represent facets of his personality. Creator Sebastian Bos notes the room is more conceptual than literal, explaining, “Having the weapon he used to kill Tywin lying on the sofa wouldn’t be the wisest of moves. Especially for someone as smart as Tyrion.”

Instead, it’s meant more as a tribute to the Lannister favorite and was designed in case he died this season. “We wanted to have something to remember him by,” Bos explains about his creative process. “He’s in such turmoil at the moment and we miss the early seasons where Tyrion was enjoying a better life which we believe he deserves!”

Tyrion’s Man Cave

There’s not too much to interact with in the room, but users can hover over an item to read a little more about its significance. For instance the site offers up this thought-provoking insight: “Tyrion’s gold was predominantly spent on women and wine.”


Probably the sweetest (and strangest) detail is that the only two portraits in Tyrion’s room are of himself and his brother Jaime. Looks like the Lannister sibling love is as strong as ever.

[via The Daily Dot]