Sort of like a 60 Minutes with more cartoon people growling like bears, a cultural happening hasn’t truly hit the zeitgeist until it’s covered by Taiwan’s Next Media Animation, who have long translated America’s thorniest issues into the surreal, often strangely perverse CGI fantasies that Asian audiences can understand. So that’s bad news for NBC, whose ongoing ratings woes are now officially an international concern—judging, at least, by this latest NMA report on its “disaster” of a fall season. For those looking for some way to articulate NBC’s long fall from grace to a fourth-place network, NMA suggests it’s as though NBC is trapped in a dungeon where it’s routinely being stabbed by CBS, Fox et al., forced to watch as Playboy bunnies are decapitated, then rescued by a Comcast samurai, only to transform magically into a giant lemon that the samurai pummels angrily. Now that you mention it, yes, it’s exactly like that. [via L.A. Times]