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Taissa Farmiga to keep Conjuring spin-off The Nun in the Farmiga family

(Photo: Getty Images/ WireImage, Amanda Edwards)

It looks like those Farmiga sisters just can’t escape those spooky spirits from the Conjuring movies, as Deadline is reporting that Taissa Farmiga—the younger sister of regular Conjuring star Vera Farmiga—is set to star in the spin-off movie The Nun. The Deadline story says she’ll be playing “the young nun,” which presumably means she’ll be a younger version of the evil nun demon who terrorizes Ed and Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring 2. It’s still unclear how this movie will justify that, since the evil nun’s original appearance was specifically designed to freak out Vera Farmiga’s character, but it’s not like she was the first person to ever be afraid of a nun.

The Nun—which joins Annabelle: Creation in the Conjuring cinematic universe—will be directed by Corin Hardy.


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