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Taika Watiti paved his way to Hollywood with this Oscar-nominated short film

You might know Kiwi filmmaker Taika Waititi for his imaginative comedic work in Thor: Ragnarok or the original film version of What We Do In the Shadows. What you might not have realized is that he actually made a short film in 2004 that was nominated for an Oscar, one much more subdued than what he’s currently come to be known for. You’re not to blame, though, because the film, Two Cars, One Night, has been, even in the streaming age, a rare watch. Well, thank Odin, for it’s now been released for free on YouTube.

Shot in black and white, it focuses on two foul-mouthed boys and a girl who meet in a parking lot outside of a pub and forge the beginnings of a bond.


Watch the 11-minute film in its entirety below.

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