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Taika Waititi is directing a new Star Wars movie

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The Disney overlords have blessed us with a fine gift indeed on this May The Fourth: Taika Waititi has signed on to direct and co-write a new Star Wars film, according to a new report from THR. The news comes just a few months after the trade published a rumor that the studio was interested in hiring Waititi to helm a new feature Star Wars project, which the filmmaker promptly denied. Waititi, who also worked on the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, will co-write the new film with 1917 screenwriter Kristy Wilson-Cairns. And... that’s it. That’s about all we know at the moment. There are no additional details regarding a title, plot, or time period, though it’s safe to say that Waititi’s film won’t have anything to do with those pesky Skywalkers.


In addition to whatever this new Star Wars movie will be, Waititi recently completed production on his soccer film Next Goal Wins, and is using his time in quarantine to polish the script for Thor: Love And Thunder—which sees Natalie Portman returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to reprise the role of Jane Foster and take up the Thor mantel. It was also announced back in February that Waititi has teamed up with Jude Law for a new horror-comedy series for Showtime called The Auteur.

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