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Taco Bell to serve chalupas in a goddamn fried chicken shell

Photo: Taco Bell

Foolish mortals that we were, we scoffed at the KFC Double Down, underestimating the worldwide appeal for a dish sandwiching moist, bacon-like things between a pair of crispy chicken filets. So successful was it, however, that Bloomberg reports Taco Bell has now decided to follow in its footsteps.

Though it sounds like something from the South Beach Diet, the Naked Chicken Chalupa trades a traditional chalupa shell for one made entirely of white meat fried chicken. Inside, you’ll find lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and shreds of your dignity drizzled in a zesty avocado ranch sauce.


“Fried chicken is growing at a tremendous clip,” says Taco Bell President Brian Niccol. “It’s a real void on our menu, and it’s something that our customers ask us for.”

Those same customers are likely fans of Burger King’s chicken fries, Shake Shack’s Chick’n Shack, and McDonald’s Chicken Selects, all of which are big sellers at their respective chains.

After testing positively at restaurants in California and Missouri, the Naked Chicken Chalupa will launch nationally come January 26. Godspeed.

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