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Taco Bell’s developing its own Cheetos delivery system

Look upon Taco Bell's works, ye hungry, and despair (Photo: Taco Bell)

Despite all the healthy-eating initiatives—not to mention health scares—Cheetos aren’t in any danger of being toppled from their place atop the snack pyramid. The quasi-cheese-flavored puffs remain as popular as ever, if recent fast food innovations are any indication. Not long after Las Vegas moviegoers were introduced to Cheetos-laced popcorn, Burger King doubled down on the faux-lactose with its Mac ’N’ Cheetos side dish.

Now, snackers don’t really need another delivery system for Cheetos, unless maybe someone’s working on some kind of vaporizer so we can finally literally inhale them. But before we move on from snack-and-fast-food fusion to discuss the latest architecturally-unsound burger, Taco Bell would like to remind diners of its own pioneering efforts in this field. The ersatz Mexican-cuisine restaurant chain did kick this craze off with its Doritos Locos Tacos, after all, which it’s followed up with the Beefy Frito Burrito. But to make sure it hits the Frito-Lay trifecta, Taco Bell is already developing a Cheetos Burrito.


This new burrito will be stuffed with “beef,” cheese sauce, rice, and Cheetos. It’s not the most inspired combination, and who knows if the puffs will maintain their integrity after being smothered in that cheese sauce. But Taco Bell isn’t just looking to offend American tastebuds with this concoction—the fast-food giant will also push this monstrosity overseas, in a bid to grow its overall presence. The restaurant chain isn’t nearly as popular abroad, supposedly because other markets aren’t as familiar with Mexican flavors (neither is Taco Bell, for that matter). The Cheetos Burrito will be tested in Cincinnati next month, making it the second most objectionable thing to hit Ohio this summer.

[via Nation’s Restaurant News]

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