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Taco Bell owes you a free taco this afternoon

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On the scale of capitalist evil from “Enron” to “farmer’s market vegan cupcake stand,” Taco Bell rates somewhere in the middle. Yes, it uses ingredients that barely qualify as “food.” Yes, it recently lost a class-action lawsuit for underpaying its workers for meal breaks, and now owes employees in California $500,000 in back wages. But boy, is it delicious when you’re drunk.

That same moral ambivalence extends into today’s promotional event, in which Taco Bell will give out free Doritos Locos tacos (one per customer, of course) in honor of the Golden State Warriors “stealing”—a.k.a. winning on the road—game four of this year’s NBA Finals. Sure, free food is great. But feeding someone a Doritos Locos taco? That’s considered reckless endangerment in some jurisdictions (mostly in Northern California, to be fair). Still, if you’re a Golden State fan and have lost your will to live—or a Cavs fan who can now die happy—you can walk into any Taco Bell and demand your free Dorito-dusted grease bomb between between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. this afternoon.


[via NBC 5 Chicago]

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