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Ta-Nehisi Coates talks everything that makes Black Panther cool

Black Panther is having quite a moment. The Marvel Comics character is currently wowing audiences in Captain America: Civil War, providing both excellent action beats as well as some very interesting thematic elements to the story. And on the comics side of things, T’Challa is appearing in a brand new series by acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. Coates and artist Brian Stelfreeze have brought a brand new life to the King (and costumed protector) of Wakanda, but many people may not be aware of just who Black Panther is or why he’s so important.

Luckily, Marvel has put out a video to set the table for the revered character, outlining the world in which readers will find Black Panther operating. It’s an excellent introduction to Black Panther but also to Coates’ approach to the character. Oh, and the video is scored by music from Run The Jewels. The piece offers insight into why Black Panther matters, what thematic elements Coates will be exploring, and why those interested in the African superhero should be reading the series (if this Comics Panel review hasn’t already convinced them it’s worth checking out).


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