The press junket following the release of a major motion picture can be a dull, by-the-numbers affair. While promoting their movies, actors have to endure the same unimaginative questions from interviewers over and over again. Comedian and actor T.J. Miller has probably had to talk about what Deadpool costar Ryan Reynolds is “really like” more times than he would care to count. What can be done to make this show business ritual more interesting? Miller found out when he stopped by Hot Ones, a hot-sauce-themed talk show produced by First We Feast, a website devoted to presenting “an iconoclastic view into the culinary world.” Guests of Hot Ones get to plug their various movies and TV shows, but they must do so while sampling a series of ever-hotter chicken wings. Past Hot Ones guests include Tommy Chong, DJ Khaled, and Anthony Rizzo.

Miller comes into the interview with a lot of confidence, blatantly telling host Sean Evans that he wants to forego the talking part and just get to eating the wings. Miller’s candor is consistent throughout the episode (he even tells Evans that “this is a terrible interview”), but his confidence and composure definitely decrease as the Scoville units increase. By the interview’s end, Miller is sweaty, red-faced, teary-eyed, and barely coherent enough to plug Deadpool or any of his other projects, such as Silicon Valley. Before the guest becomes a rambling, shambling mess, however, Evans and Miller do manage to discuss a few relevant topics, including R-rated superhero movies, the sexiness of Ryan Reynolds, whether comic book nerds are more insufferable than tech startup guys (they’re not), and Miller’s own experience with fisting. Miller clearly has no interest in playing nice, so he’s also able to openly badmouth some of Deadpool’s competition, including Zoolander 2.

[via Laughing Squid]