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T.J. Miller is starring in his own action comedy, Ex-Criminals

Silicon Valley

T.J. Miller is best known for his role on Silicon Valley as Erlich Bachman, an asshole who owns a startup incubator and has facial hair as eccentric as his name. It appears as though he’s getting a chance to really spread his mutton chops and fly, though: In addition to HBO picking up a pilot for the Miller-hosted The Gorburger Show, The Hollywood Reporter says Dreamworks has acquired his action comedy project Ex-Criminals. Miller will star in the film and co-write with his cousin M. Miller Davis.

The story focuses on “a dysfunctional bank robbing couple and what happens when the duo break up on the eve of their biggest heist to date.” The fact that Miller’s character will be a bank robber and not a Silicon Valley nerd probably precludes any mathematically elaborate dick jokes from being a major part of the movie, but to be fair, Erlich Bachman isn’t really a straight-laced dude either. So you never know.


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