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T.I. to go undercover for new Fox drama

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Paras Griffin)

According to Variety, Fox has enlisted T.I. to star in Atlanta’s Most Wanted, a new drama series from Jerry Bruckheimer. The rapper will play a guy named Marcus Armstrong, the son of a notorious Atlanta-area crime lord, who joins up with an undercover vice squad to try and shut down the city’s increasingly powerful criminal elements. Unfortunately, his work with this secret vice squad will “jeopardize his own long-held secret” and threaten to “upend his entire life.” The Variety story doesn’t say what his secret is—maybe just that his dad is a crime lord—but either way it seems like the sort of show where everybody’s keeping dangerous secrets from people.

T.I., whose real name is Tip Harris, will executive produce along with Bruckheimer, and Fox will apparently have to pay a “significant penalty” if a pilot doesn’t at least get made. In a statement, T.I. referred to Atlanta’s Most Wanted as a “passion project,” and he said it’s “going to be amazing” to see his hometown “represented in this fashion.”


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