As we reported earlier, T.I.’s surprisingly quick U-turn to federal prison should make for a dramatic first episode of his recently announced reality show. But according to TMZ, that reality show might have been the very thing that landed him back in jail. The incident report from T.I.’s alleged parole violation claims that the rapper was accompanied on his tour bus by two VH1 producers—despite informing prison officials that only his wife would be on board—and what’s more, they spent the trip discussing plans for both the reality show and a book, which violated rules against conducting business. Even if that "business" is mostly making "ka-ching" arm motions.

Of course, T.I.’s legal team has pointed out that those charges have likely been concocted to justify the initial arrest over T.I.’s supposed deception when it came to his mode of transportation—a deception that seems unlikely now, considering these photos clearly show prison officials walking T.I. to a giant-ass luxury bus—but it’s doubtful they’ll lead to release before the end of the month. Anyway, just to sum up: T.I.’s reality show about getting out of prison—which wouldn’t exist had he never been in prison—has landed him back in prison. So does this mean he gets two reality shows when he finally gets out of prison? Lo, these laws of prison reality show physics have bent the universe in twain.