Having served out most of the rest of his sentence without further "frisky" handjob incidents, rapper T.I. is once again a free man, getting a different, better kind of release approximately a month early. As you may recall, T.I. was incarcerated in the Arkansas State Prison for parole violation, after he made an illegal U-turn on Sunset Boulevard while smoking marijuana in his car, then also tested positive for Ecstasy and opiates—and surely he has since learned his lesson about doing all of that stuff in his giant, rich-person living room instead. Actually, we’ll soon find out for ourselves whether he has because, as with any federal prisoner upon release, T.I. had everything returned to him—wallet, street clothes, and VH1 reality show, which will “show the rapper readjusting to life with his family and his efforts to stay out of trouble.” Think of it as a sequel to T.I.’s Road To Redemption, but hopefully with a happier ending. (<——callback)