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Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren are pals these days—the latter’s starred in the former’s Expendables films, in addition to reprising his role as Ivan Drago in Creed II—but they weren’t always so chummy. As Stallone recently recalled to Jimmy Fallon, it was his seething dislike of Lundgren that led him to cast the actor in the first place.


“He was like the real Terminator, and I go, ‘I hate this friggin’ guy. He’s just too perfect, too good looking,” he says. “And if I loathe him, I’m sure the world will.” He goes on to describe Lundgren as “like something that’s a thousand years in the future,” a quality that probably helped him get cast in Universal Soldier.

“I was finding giant wrestlers and football players, and then all of the sudden, the doors open, smoke comes in, there’s light, there’s the proceeding hair line and shoulders this wide,” Stallone says. “Everything is perfect. Even his calves were coming through his clothing.”

Stallone says he and Lundgren are trying to get another project, The International, off the ground, though that might be tough with the critical drubbing of his new Rambo: Last Blood, which our Ignatiy Vishnevetsky calls “joyless” in his C- review. Does this mean he’ll finally finish that Edgar Allen Poe biopic? Christ, we hope so.

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