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Sylvester Stallone says Nicolas Cage is a go for The Expendables 3

Over a year ago, Sylvester Stallone ran his mouth and said Nicolas Cage was going to appear in The Expendables 2. That didn’t happen, of course, but hasn’t deterred Stallone or producers from going after him for The Expendables 3, because, duh, Nicolas Cage. And now, miracle of miracles, Stallone says that Cage is for sure a go for the sequel.

In a mostly nonsensical Facebook post over the weekend, Stallone wrote he and producers “have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a veneer intellectual group.” As to what that actually means, that’s anyone’s guess, but maybe Stallone’s trying to say that Cage plays smart pretty well? Or that he’ll give the whole group an intellectual sheen? Or maybe he doesn’t know the meaning of the word "veneer."


Stallone says he’s still looking to lock down Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Mickey Rourke, and that the movie will “continue with the same narrative scheme, the agility and the frenzy, which are inherent to the saga.” He also said that, originally, there were only supposed to be two Expendables movies, but that “the affection of the people encouraged us to work on a third,” or someone said they’d pay for it.

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