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Sylvester Stallone reaches for slice of a new pizza-based comedy


Sylvester Stallone has ordered up a piping-hot pizza-based TV series, presumably after a hungry night spent lazily scrounging around for more old projects that he can turn into shows. The Creed star and occasional TV producer—whose past efforts include reality fare like NBC’s The Contender and this year’s Strong—is developing a comedy series based on the life of California pizza impresario Richie Palmer.

Palmer—who was previously married to Raquel Welch, incidentally—moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles 20 years ago, opening up the successful Mulberry Steet Pizzeria, a well-known celebrity hang out. Now, Pizza Guy—which sounds for all the world like something Stallone had 30 seconds to come up with, but chose, for personal reasons, to only use 6—will presumably feature plenty of high-profile cameos all looking to get a slice.


The Oscar-winning action legend has made an increasing push into TV in recent years. He took on his first major television role back in April, signing on for an adaptation of Mario Puzo’s Omertà, and is currently developing several of his films—including The Expendables and Rambointo potential series.

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