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Rambo is a recognizable series that included some successful movies back in the day, so it’s only a matter of time before someone grabs a big machine gun and starts slaughtering people in some foreign country while wearing a red bandana. Last we heard, an Indian remake of First Blood was in the works that original star Sylvester Stallone absolutely had nothing to do with, and a year before that we heard that a Rambo reboot called New Blood was being developed with a non-Stallone actor as the lead.


Of course, anyone who has seen these movies know that nothing can stop the original John Rambo (even sexual assault allegations), so Deadline is now reporting that Sylvester Stallone might actually be starring in yet another Rambo movie. His involvement “hasn’t been confirmed,” but there have apparently been rumors that Stallone was thinking about directing the movie as well. The storyline would apparently involve John Rambo going to war with a Mexican cartel after the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped, which would introduce some modern, Trump-friendly sensibilities to the timeless tale of a one-man army shredding his way through bad guys.

None of this has been confirmed, but it’s not like the idea of Stallone coming back for a new Rambo movie is completely absurd anyway.

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