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The Expendables

There have been three Expendables movies since 2010, and, as their screenwriter and star, Sylvester Stallone has stood by every one of them, even the one with Mel Gibson. Stallone is also behind the fourth installment, which may feature Hulk Hogan as the villain of an entity other than Gawker Media. That’s enough Expendables movies for a lifetime—in fact, one might have been too many (we kid, Jason Statham is a goddamn treat in the first film). But while Stallone isn’t balking at dusting off more faded action stars for his fourth film, he has unequivocally disavowed the all-female spinoff(s) that’s in development.

Our previous reports about the movie—the cloyingly titled The ExpendaBellesdidn’t include any mention of Stallone, as a producer or guest star or anything. But with dueling women-led projects in the works, including one from the Legally Blonde screenwriters, it seems the Creed actor has found himself denying any involvement in them. That’s what we gather from this terse report from Deadline, which has relayed Stallone’s message about how very uninvolved he is.


Weary of the “erroneous media reports cropping up around the world,” Stallone has had to turn to trade publications to clear the air, and let everyone know he is not at all to blame for either movie, even if either one manages to nab Milla Jovovich or Meryl Streep, as it was once rumored. Furthermore, he has “absolutely no future plans to be associated with the long-planned film.” So don’t even try to pin The ExpendaBelles on poor old Sly, okay? He doesn’t need this shit.

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