Many moons ago, some people believed that there were things that could not be made into a movie. This was before Ouija and Battleship, of course, back when people could actually afford to be a little naive about what sorts of things could become movies. Those days are long gone, though. Now, everything is a movie. That’s why no one in the world would be surprised to learn that Blue Dream Studios is making a movie called Animal Crackers. However, what is surprising is that—unlike Ouija and BattleshipAnimal Crackers isn’t just a big-screen commercial for the crunchy snack, it’s actually a terrifying tale about a magical box of crackers that turns people into whatever animal they eat. Well, it’s an animated movie about something kids like, so “terrifying” might not be the right word, but being turned into an animal still doesn’t sound like a good thing.

That’s not the only surprise that Animal Crackers has packed into its little box—as spoiled by the headline of this article—because the movie also has a surprisingly solid cast of well-known actors providing its voices. Ian McKellen will be playing someone named Horatio, Patrick Warburton will be playing someone named Brock (hey, wait a minute…), and Sylvester Stallone will be playing Bullet-Man. Danny DeVito, Gilbert Gottfried, Raven-Symoné, Harvey Fierstein, James Arnold Taylor, Tara Strong, and Lydia Taylor will also make appearances, but we don’t know the first names of their characters.