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SyFy tweeted out the best parts of Sharknado 6 so you don't need to watch it

Image: Sharknado 6 (SyFy/The Global Asylum, Inc.)

SyFy’s Sharknado franchise came to a close last night, sending its surviving (and resurrected) cast members back in time—“If we stop the first sharknado we can stop them all,” dribbles Tara Reid—so it could have a shitty CGI shark eat a shitty CGI T-Rex. Elsewhere, flying, fire-breathing sharks spiraled their way through the Wild West, the Revolutionary War, and medieval times, where Dee Snider and a guy from Impractical Jokers could look confused and out of place in cowboy hats. It was tremendously stupid and low-key joyless in the way that movies trying so desperately hard to be bad typically are.

“It’s just kind of there, intermittently entertaining and frustrating, more of a wasted opportunity than the truly insane ending we’d all love to give to the story whose thesis statement is ‘guy with chainsaw versus a tornado full of sharks’,” we wrote in our review. However, as if in tacit acknowledgment of the fact that nobody should really watch the entire thing, the Sharknado Twitter page went ahead and tweeted out all the best parts.


Its final trailer, for example, not only highlights the shark/T-Rex squabble, but also shows the myriad timelines, an army of robotic Tara Reids, and the movie’s best cameos in Neil Degrasse-Tyson and delightful drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck.

There’s also a healthy host of GIFs capturing the film’s silliest, most indelible moments.

For example, here’s protagonist Ian Ziering surfing down a T-Rex’s tail.


And Gilbert Gottfried screaming the word “sharknado” before presumably dying?


And what we’re going to assume is an ode to Swiss Army Man.


And a swordfish impaling a cowboy.




And, of course, Alaska being fabulous.


Now, having saved you two hours, we politely implore you to watch a good bad shark movie like Shark Attack 3: Megalodan. Or, at least, the below clip.

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