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Syfy’s 31 Days Of Halloween to feature 5 originals and some recent horror hits

Channel Zero

Summer may already be over, but we still have a few blissfully innocent days left of September before we step through the cobweb-covered haunted house door into October, the most spooktacular, feartastic, and scream-a-riffic month of the year. Sadly, most TV networks see October as no different from the loser months like August or February, meaning they don’t see the benefit in completely overhauling their entire programming schedule and on-screen graphics to reflect its terrifying nature. Syfy isn’t like most networks, though, and not just because of its silly name. It actually cares about October, and once again Syfy is planning to honor the month with a solemn and respectful 31 Days Of Halloween spectacular.

According to a press release, the celebration will feature the premiere of Syfy’s new internet-inspired anthology series, Channel Zero: Candle Cove, as well as the debut of five new Syfy original horror movies that will air every Saturday night in October. First up is The Crooked Man on October 1, which stars Michael Jai White and is about a nursery rhyme that kills people. Then there’s Day Of Reckoning on October 8, which is about a “day of reckoning” that happened “some years ago” during which “creatures came up from below and purged humanity of evil.”


On October 15, Syfy is offering Stake Land 2 (“vampires have evolved”), and on October 22 you can catch Shadows Of The Dead, which is about an evil monster that kills people from the shadows. Finally, Syfy will be showing The Night Before Halloween on October 29—the night before the night before Halloween—which is another movie about an evil monster killing people.

Channel Zero will premiere on October 11, and there will be regular new episodes of Van Helsing, Aftermath, and Z Nation as well. Also, October will feature the Syfy debut of recent horror (and horror-ish) hits Sweeney Todd, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Zombieland, The Strangers, Cabin In The Woods, Wrong Turn, Drag Me To Hell, Maleficent, and—if you really wanna get scared—I, Frankenstein. Plus, just for fun, Syfy will be unleashing one evil monster into an unsuspecting small town each week, so make sure to stay close to any B-level actors you might see walking around at night.

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