According to Variety, Syfy has renewed both Dark Matter and Killjoys, two of the network’s recent forays into the brave world of progressive storylines and diverse casts. Both shows are ending their second seasons this month—Killjoys this Friday and Dark Matter on September 16—so this renewal will give third seasons to both of them, with the new episodes presumably kicking off early next summer.

Dark Matter stars Melissa O’Neil, Alex Mallari Jr., and Anthony Lemke, and it centers around a group of people who wake up on a derelict spaceship with no memories, forcing them to work together to figure out what’s going on and how to survive. Killjoys stars Hannah John-Kamen, Luke Macfarlane, and Aaron Ashmore, and it’s about a team of bounty hunters in space who fly around and do cool bounty hunter-y things.


Both Killjoys and Dark Matter will, of course, continue to air alongside stuff like the Sharknado movies, because Syfy in 2016 is a pretty weird network.