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Syfy renews 12 Monkeys for a third season

12 Monkeys

Deadline is reporting that Syfy has given a third season to its convoluted but entertaining time travel drama 12 Monkeys. At least, that’s how we currently remember the story—it’s always possible that the network actually canceled the show, instead, and now someone has gone back in time to revive it and save us all from a dark, Aaron Stanford-free future.

The actor stars on the series as frequently bewildered time traveler—and ersatz Bruce Willis—James Cole, tasked with bouncing around the show’s timeline with the alternating help and hindrance of Amanda Schull, Kirk Acevedo, and Barbara Sukowa. 12 Monkeys is currently barreling toward its July 18 second season finale, which is sure to be full of exciting temporal cliffhangers and references to capital “The” concepts like “The Witness” and “The Messengers” and “The Executive.” (In the interest of honesty, we made that last one up.) According to the Deadline report, the show’s third season will be slightly shortened from what’s come before—dipping down to 10 episodes, as opposed to the current 13—at least, until some time-active network exec splinters back to modern day to slap an extra three entries onto its run.


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