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Syfy apparently woke up this morning realizing it hadn’t said anything about 12 Monkeys in a minute, because the network just dropped a whole year’s worth of news about its well-regarded time travel drama in one big, timey-wimey burst. First up, the series’ third season finally has a premiere date, after being initially announced last June. The new season, which will see the show’s apocalypse-averting crew head to the 1980s, where they’re set to run into Back To The Future alum Christopher Lloyd, will kick off on May 19th. And then it’ll conclude on May 21st—not due to any weird time travel shenanigans, but because the network is airing the entire ten-episode season over a single weekend, as part of a new ”full-season linear binge” model for the show.

Meanwhile, the network has also issued an early renewal notice for the show’s fourth season, which will apparently also be its last. And while that might be a bummer for the show’s fans, the vote of general network confidence suggests that showrunners Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett have some pretty clear ideas about what the future—and the past—have in store for time-tossed protagonist James Cole, as the series’ end date approaches.


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