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Let’s hope Matt Damon is still high off Manchester By The Seas Oscar wins, because Syfy has some bad news for him: the network’s canceled Incorporated after just one season. This comes from Deadline, which notes the sci-fi thriller just wrapped its first season a month ago. The series was created by Self/Less scribes David and Àlex Pastor, under the executive producing auspices of Damon and his buddy, Ben Affleck, the once-and-possibly-future Batman. It centered on Sean Teale’s character, who was living a kind of double life of being a have and have not while trying to track down an old flame who wasn’t faring nearly as well in the dystopia. It wasn’t a ratings dud, bringing in 500,000 live/same day viewers, and just under a million viewers over a week’s stretch. But it was hindered by its lack of identity amid all the other bleak-future shows. Incorporated costarred Julia Ormond and Dennis Haysbert, the latter of which has moved over to Syfy sibling network NBC for Reverie.


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