According to Variety, Syfy has picked up six episodes of a new series titled The Internet Ruined My Life. The show will reportedly “expose the unexpected perils of living in a social media-obsessed world,” and each installment “will tell real-life stories of people who had posts, tweets, or status updates backfire.” The specific examples Variety gives are “an innocent tweet that caused two traveling friends to be detained and suspected of potential terrorism,” “a hashtag that unleashed death threats and a sniper outside a young woman’s window” (see if you can guess which one!), and “a profile picture that got transformed into a hateful meme shared by hundreds of thousands,” with each story told “through gripping first-person accounts.”

Interestingly, despite the title, the show seems to be positioning some of these events as if they’re the fault of the person who wrote the innocent tweet or uploaded the profile picture, and not the result of—let’s be honest—4chan, Reddit, and other similar sites having an unquenchable thirst for unwarranted cruelty. Anyway, The Internet Ruined My Life will premiere at some point in 2016.