Not that kind of Alien Terrorist

Bringing itself one step closer towards changing its name back to “Sci Fi,” Syfy has ordered Hunters—an honest-to-goodness sci-fi series about actual aliens—from The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Ann Hurd. Based on Whitley Streiber’s series of Alien Hunter novels, this presumably Will Smith-less blend of Men In Black and 24 chronicles the adventures of a secret government agency that protects the world from extraterrestrial terrorist threats. The pilot for Hunters was written by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles writer/producer Natalie Chaidez, and Syfy president Dave Howe tells Entertainment Weekly that he was “so impressed” with Hurd and Chaidez’s work that he ordered Hunters straight to series. That, and he needs something to fill the air time until Sharknado 3.