TV Club critic Dennis Perkins had some fun with Syfy’s Hunters when he reviewed it earlier this year, calling it “dopey and dour” and full of “thuddingly obvious dialogue and goopy alien guts.” Well, as it turns out, we won’t have painfully obvious terrorism allegories to kick around for much longer, because Syfy has announced that it’s pulling the plug on the Australian “aliens among us” drama.

Yes, Hunters’ upcoming Monday night finale will be its final outing, meaning fans of the series will have to say goodbye to Chisel Fightkick (Nathan Phillips) and his badass partner, Tough Asnails (Britne Oldfords). (Or “Flynn Carroll” and “Allison Regan,” if you’re slavishly devoted to Hunters canon.) The two will now have to hang up their alien-hunting spurs and toss themselves into the dustbin of short-lived Syfy shows (and shark-based weather phenomenon), reminding us all that not even TV’s “progressive new frontier” gets it right every single time.


[via The Wrap]