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Syfy is going to do something to Stephen King's The Eyes Of The Dragon

Just like many a Stephen King reader before them, Hollywood has dutifully plowed through just about all of King's thriller work—sometimes twice—but somehow they can't get through his fantasy stuff. But while Warner Bros. continues to chase The Dark Tower as it flees from Universal across the desert, Syfy is expected to make a more realistic, concrete committal to a story from its same fictional universe—and from one of King's other few remaining books that haven't been adapted yet—The Eyes Of The Dragon, which Entertainment Weekly reports may soon become a movie or miniseries on the network where that is generally considered more of a threat.

Nevertheless, Battlestar Galactica's Michael Taylor and I Robot's Jeff Vintar have been hired to script that "longform project," which is based on King's story of a young prince who's falsely imprisoned for killing his father, then sets about escaping and punishing the wizard who framed him. As EW notes, the project is perfectly timed to coincide with HBO's Game Of Thrones, as Eyes Of The Dragon mines that same general fantasy realm, minus all the sex, political intrigue, or complex storytelling. In other words, it could be perfect for the network that's home to Alien Tornado and which, at the same time, also announced a new supernatural drama called Seeing Things, about a ghost cop working with a guy who sees things.


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