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Syfy developing pilot based on Resident Alien comic

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With one of its marquee sci-fi shows leaving for Amazon, Syfy has had to go back to the old drawing board to find some projects it can slot into its schedule—though this is Syfy, so its drawing board is probably some kind of hologram. According to Deadline, one of those projects is Resident Alien, an adaptation of the Dark Horse comic by Peter Horgan and Steve Parkhouse. The original story is about an alien who crashes on Earth and disguises himself as a doctor in a small Colorado town, and Syfy’s show will be a “dark, twisted, and comedic fish-out-of-water story.”


Resident Alien will be written by longtime Family Guy writer Chris Sheridan, even though the idea of an alien coming to Earth and wearing an elaborate disguise seems like more of an American Dad thing. Syfy has only ordered a pilot for Resident Alien at this point, so it still might not go to series, but Amazon could always pick it up if Syfy passes on it.

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