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SyFy challenges viewers to make their own shitty movie for a change

If you’ve ever watched a Syfy movie like Blood Monkey, Boa Vs. Python, or Chupacabra: Dark Seas and thought to yourself, “Hell, I could make a movie as good as this, just as soon as I’m sober,” the network would like to help you put their money where your smirking mouth is. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy will launch the production website B Movie Mogul, which will allow fans to vote on as well as pitch original ideas for a film—everything from its terrible dialogue to laugh-out-loud title to ridiculous character deaths that guarantee a spot on that week’s episode of The Soup—and help create the eventual “script” (ironic quotes come from the article itself, believe it or not) for a movie to be shot late next year. The site debuts Friday, easing viewers into their role as just-happy-to-be-working creative talents by voting for one of three overall concepts for the eventual movie: “a 2010 apocalypse story, a Bermuda Triangle-set creature feature, or a Roswell, N.M.-set alien movie.” Dreamers, get to dreaming.

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