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Syfy cancels The Wil Wheaton Project

According to Deadline, The Wil Wheaton Project has been placed into a shiny, black sunglasses case and jettisoned out into space, with Captain Kirk looking on and making a comment about how “human” The Wil Wheaton Project was. In other words, the show is dead. Syfy cancelled it.

The show was just picked up back in April for a 12-episode run that would give Syfy something to air in the summer between Sharknadoes, and the network simply chose not to continue with it after that had finished. The Wil Wheaton Project was billed as “Talk Soup for geeks,” and it focused on Wheaton making jokes about various topics that fit under the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genre umbrella. In a blog post on his official site, Wheaton blames the show’s end on higher-up Syfy executives who didn’t really get what the show was or why Wheaton was hosting it. We’re not experts or anything, but we feel like somebody at Syfy should’ve figured those out before actually making the show.


In his blog post, Wheaton also says he doesn’t want any “nerds” to start sending in letters to Syfy demanding that the show come back, as he says “it’s not going to happen.” Instead, he suggests that his fans do something else with their time, “like getting #butts to trend.”

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